Beauty Cutie: False Eyelashes & Bottom Lashes ʚ♡⃛ɞ

Hello, everyone~ (‘∀’●)♡ Ever wonder how to achieve bigger-looking eyes, a more dramatic appearance, or just want longer, flawless eyelashes in general?  You should try wearing false eyelashes or both false eyelashes and bottom lashes together!  With a pair, they can instantly change or amp up your look for any occasion! While using mascara may help… Continue reading Beauty Cutie: False Eyelashes & Bottom Lashes ʚ♡⃛ɞ


DIY Skincare Magic: Easy Rice Milk Toner

Hello everyone~ Recently, I’ve become extremely interested in DIY Skin Care remedies as I am not a wealthy person who can afford all of the expensive skin care products that I want (´°ω°`)  Not only that, I thought that it would be really fun to explore what our grocery stores and Mother Nature can provide for us beyond… Continue reading DIY Skincare Magic: Easy Rice Milk Toner


♨ Home Cooking: Japanese Curry ♨

Hello, everyone~ ヾ(^∇^) Just recently, I had Japanese curry served with brown rice for lunch, which sparked the idea that I should share my homemade recipe with you all!  I know that there are a wide variety of Japanese curry recipes as well as Indian and Thai–but lately, I’ve been confident enough with my cooking skills to… Continue reading ♨ Home Cooking: Japanese Curry ♨


♪♫♬ Melty Melodies ♪♫♬

If you are familiar with Japan’s fashion subculture, Lolita, then, are you also aware of other Japanese street fashion styles, such as Fairy-Kei and Decora? (*・∀-)☆  Or are you looking for a cute Japanese clothing line?  Getting started in the Fairy-Kei or Decora fashion style? If any of these questions apply to you, look no more!  I… Continue reading ♪♫♬ Melty Melodies ♪♫♬


☆Kira Kira~ Skincare Item Wish List☆

Hello, everyone~ Recently, I’ve been really obsessed with a lot of Asian skin care products, especially Korean brands such as MISSHA.  I’ve gotten really tanned over the summer, and I can especially see the uneven skin tones as a result.  Especially //sighs// on my arms and legs.  I should’ve carried around my umbrella more often… Continue reading ☆Kira Kira~ Skincare Item Wish List☆