Photo credit: Anton Dove.

Hello, everyone! ✰

I’m Yoko, a 20-something year-old blogger & cosplayer!  Here, I will be posting about my beauty, travel, and cosplay adventures in California.  I will also be sharing reviews about skin care & makeup products and food with you ♥

Fun Facts About Me:

✰ I’m part of a 1st generation of Asian Americans, meaning my parents were born and raised in Asia before coming over here to the States.

✰ I grew up, listening to mainly K-pop, Thai, & Japanese rock music before being introduced to Western/US-based bands.

✰ I’ve moved and lived across the States twice–in Wisconsin, Florida, and now, California.

✰ I am a coffee & tea addict ♥

✰ I am really small in height, so everyone else tends to tower over me.

Well, I hope that you will stay with me for this journey of mine as I document them from this day forward, introducing you to my friends and hobbies!  °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Love, Yoko ♥



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