♪♫♬ Melty Melodies ♪♫♬

Here we are with Desiree (designer of Melty Melodies, right of me) & all the other lovely models after the fashion show.  Model not in picture: Mari Watanabe

If you are familiar with Japan’s fashion subculture, Lolita, then, are you also aware of other Japanese street fashion styles, such as Fairy-Kei and Decora? (*・∀-)☆  Or are you looking for a cute Japanese clothing line?  Getting started in the Fairy-Kei or Decora fashion style?

If any of these questions apply to you, look no more!  I will explain to you what Fairy-Kei and Decora fashions are and introduce you to one J-Fashion online shop I am familiar with, Melty Melodies.

J-Fashion: Fairy-Kei; Outfit: Melty Melodies; Photo Credit: 0- Orchard Photography

Fairy-Kei is a fashion style based on pastel colors such as soft lavender, baby blush pink, or minty green.  It often revolves around angels, Western toy lines from the 80’s and 90’s such as My Little Pony, and other child-like elements.  People who often wear this style match their outfits with pastel-colored hair, bows, and cute decorations & accessories.  The term, “Fairy-Kei”, though has conflicting origins.  It is conflicting because while there are sources claiming that the word “Fairy-Kei” originated from the Japanese magazine, Zipper, others say that it was actually derived from Tabuchi, founder of the vintage boutique, SPANK!

J-Fashion: Decora; Model: Haruko Chuu; Outfit: Melty Melodies; Photo Credit: 0- Orchard Photography

Another Japanese street fashion style is Decora.  Decora’s origins can be traced back in the late 1990s or early 2000’s.  It typically revolves around pink colors, neons, and black as well as plain shirts or hoodies with tutu skirts.  Not only that, the fashion style usually involves layering yourself with many, many cute accessories until the outfit is barely visible, hence, decora…ting (See what I did there?) yourself ヽ(○´∀`)  Accessories involved in this layering include knee-high socks, leg warmers, stockings, and arm warmers.  Sometimes, Decora style followers would wear patterned dental masks.

Anyway, Melty Melodies is a Japanese fashion online shop that I help model for, featuring both of the fashion styles which were described above (It also includes Lolita).  Melty Melodies not only sells J-Fashion apparel items, it also sells accessories and home crafted jewelry!  Recently, our local anime convention, Ani-Me, hosted a Japanese Fashion Show revolving around Melty Melodies and DollDelight.  It was the first major event that the shop took part in, displaying all of its best outfits!

Model: Yoko; Outfit: Melty Melodies; Photo Credit: 0- Orchard Photography

It was also my first time modeling for a clothing line, and I was very excited for the longest time.  After the event took place, I was still stunned that I have become a model for the designer, Desiree, and her J-Fashion shop.  I have become a Melty Melodies model.

Model: Yoko; Outfit: Melty Melodies; Photo Credit: 0- Orchard Photography

The outfit I was wearing is the Chocolate Velvet Paris Long Sleeve Skater Dress along with the Chocolate Paris Tights.  When I first put on the dress, it was very comfortable and so soft to the touch.  The printed chocolate bar design was and is beautiful!  The skater dress I wore had the word ‘Merci’ printed on each chocolate bar, and on the tights I wore, there was an Eiffel Tower design in place of the word.

Both the dress and tights matched each other beautifully–and both were also well-fitted to move comfortably around in.  I was so happy to be the first to wear the outfit, which debuted for the first time at the fashion show ♥♥♥  Thank you, Desiree ♥

Here’s a video of the fashion show segment if you are interested, recorded by shaddoeENT.

All of the models including the designer herself were and are still very friendly towards me.  I enjoyed spending time, getting to know every one of them, before the fashion show–during–and even after the event.  They’re all very lovely girls, and many of us were new to the Fairy-Kei/Decora/Lolita fashion.  It was a nice and brand new experience for some of us, because we have never modeled for a clothing line before.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 4.51.05 PM.png
Team Mystic Jersey Shirt; Photo Credit: Melty Melodies


Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 4.51.23 PM.png
Team Valor Jersey Shirt; Photo Credit: Melty Melodies
Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 4.51.45 PM.png
Team Instinct Jersey Shirt; Photo Credit: Melty Melodies

So, please check out Melty Melodies if you are interested in cute Japanese fashion.  Now and then,  I will be posting the online shop’s sales events and help my friend & designer, Desiree, promote new items.  She is a very talented and kind-hearted person, and I hope that you will support her work.  Right now, recent new merchandises include Pokemon GO! themed shirts, windbreaker jackets, and backpacks for all 3 teams: Mystic, Valor, and Instinct.

I want to also thank Ani-Me Con for making the Japanese Fashion Show possible for us and for helping showcase Melty Melodies’ hard work.  In addition, my gratitude goes to shaddoeENT and 0- Orchard Photography for their media coverages of the event.  Every one of them have worked together in spreading the word around and helped put the shop out there for others to see online.  For most viewers or attendees, it may have been their first exposure to Japanese street fashion.

If you find this post very helpful in understanding Fairy-Kei and Decora fashion, then, I hope that you leave, feeling inspired to dig deeper in understanding and exploring the styles furthermore or look into the other ones not featured, such as Gyaru and Visual Kei (ones I will cover later in future posts) ໒( ♥ ◡ ♥ )७ I wish you luck!

Love, Yoko ♥ 



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