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Circle Lens Review: EOS New Adult Green Circle Lens


Hello, everyone~

Just recently, my fiancee and I ordered a pair of EOS New Adult Green circle lens from an online contact shop called loveshoppingholics!  We never heard of it until now, and neither did our fellow cosplay friends knew about them.

Before we bought them though, we looked up photos of people who wore the same brand of circle lens and saw that the color was really vibrant on their dark eyes.  It was what I really wanted!


Circle Lens: loveshoppingholic; wig: eBay

First Thoughts:

At first glance, the green color was really bright and beautiful!  When I received them in the mail though, I couldn’t believe that they were even more beautiful in person.  They were also nicely wrapped, and loveshoppingholics even sent a few cute gifts, such as a Crystal Collagen Eye Mask, alongside with the circle lens.

Here are the attributes of the EOS New Adult Green Circle Lens:

  • Origin: Korea
  • Diameter: 14.0 mm
  • Water Content: 38%
  • Base Curve: 8.6 mm
  • Life Span: 1 year disposal

The Up-Side(s):

When I first put the circle lens on, they felt very comfortable.  After a minute or two, it felt like I wasn’t even wearing circle lens anymore.  It just felt like nothing.  I was quite happy because the last time I bought circle lens, I bought them from a local vendor during a winter festival…and well, let’s just say they were painful to wear–and the color was barely even visible on my dark eyes.  So, in comparison, this was a holy grail of bright green circle lens–for dark eyed people like me!


The Down-Side(s):

Hmm…I don’t think there were any downsides to this pair.  I genuinely feel like loveshoppingholics really deserve to have more customers or just have more people especially cosplayers talking about them–in a good way.

The Overall Experience:

Though I was a tad stressed out because of the item’s late arrival–just before the convention dates, I was a happy customer after I opened the package and saw the products inside.  We had ordered them about 2 weeks prior toward the convention dates, and we were expecting them to arrive sooner.  But then again, who knows.  Maybe we had placed an item order a bit too last minute…

However, the company also gave us the wrong tracking number, and it was a little difficult to get through to a person who could give us the correct one.  It took a bit of time and a couple of phone calls, but we managed to settle the problem in a day and everything else was okay from that moment on.

Overall, the circle lens felt nice to wear, and they didn’t cause me to feel any discomfort or pain.  They felt really lightweight and comfortable.  The green color was intense and vibrant enough for everyone else to see that it is green, and the best part?  Even in pictures, the EOS New Adult Green Circle Lens really came through and looked nice, with its bright green color.

And so, I give them a rating: ♥♥♥♥

A 4 out of 5 hearts.

The products were fantastic!  I really so badly wanted to give them a 5 out of 5 hearts!  I really do!  But while the items were perfect in every way, the customer service just wasn’t. It was a bit frustrating in my personal experience, and maybe they were just having an off day or just really busy with other orders–but we weren’t spared from the confusion, the stress, and frustration.

That’s not to say that loveshoppingholic’s customer service is terrible or bad!  Their customer service was nice as they did give us the correct tracking number after a couple of calls, but I can’t quite understand how they gave us a tracking number that simply didn’t work.

Would I re-purchase from loveshoppingholic again in the near future?

Well, their prices are pretty reasonable and certainly affordable–plus they have a wide range of different colored circle lens.  I love the huge selection that they have and variety of patterns/designs in every pair they sell to the public.

So, yes, I would re-purchase again from this online shop ♥

But hopefully, next time, I have better luck (*´∀`*)

Would I recommend them?

I think it was just bad timing when we made the item order.  Lot of factors could have contributed to the mix-up.

So, perhaps, others would have a better experience with loveshoppingholics than we did.

A friend of mine already loved my circle lens so much, I even recommended them to her as she was looking for a pair of lovely, bright green circle lens for her next cosplay.  So, yes, I would recommend them to loved ones and fellow cosplay friends 

Love, Yoko ♥


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