♡ Makeup Review: NYX Gel – Liner & Smudger ♡


Hello, everyone~ (*^▽^*)

Recently, my fiancee and I bought this NYX Gel for cosplay and just in general, makeup.  I personally find waterproof eyeliners as a holy grail for people with oily skin.  In the past, when I just barely started using makeup, I was often left disappointed while non-waterproof eyeliner (especially the regular pencil ones!) either smear or rub completely off in the middle of special events because I have an oily skin type.  I didn’t have anyone who could give me tips about what would work for people with skin similar to mine, and so, I learned from a great number of trials and errors.

Nevertheless, I often find NYX as a wonderful line that never fails to amaze me, and so, when we were looking for a waterproof eyeliner and my fiancee picked out this one, I was already expecting awesome results from the product!


Anyway, there are two ways you can use the NYX Gel: simple eyeliner or smudger.

Seeing that it comes in a tiny container, you should buy or have a small makeup brush to “swipe” out the black gel before carefully applying the product onto your eyelids.

For me, I use the brush dry when I apply the gel on.  If you wet the brush before applying the gel on, you’ll find it really easy to…well, not smudge but smear (and it’ll be hard to wash off unless you use makeup remover or lots of scrubbing with soap).

First Thoughts:

The NYX Gel came in a tiny container, with simple lettering on top of the cover.  It was easy to read and appeared to be very simple to me.  When I removed the cover, I saw the clean black gel and thought it was well made.  The small size also makes this product travel-friendly.

The Up-Side(s):

My fiancee and I bought it from our local Target, and surprisingly, there were no online reviews about the product on the store website.

Based on my experiences with the NYX Gel though, the application went really smoothly.  It was very deeply pigmented, it wasn’t dry at all, and it stayed on my eyelids for the rest of the day.  The product was creamy, and compared to the eyeliners I’ve had on in the past, it wasn’t cake-like or clumpy either.

The NYX Gel was also very comfortable to wear, and I found it to be light.

In addition, to test its water resistance, I ran sink water directly on top of the gel mark on my hand.



It didn’t seem to have any effect at all.

Then, when I started rubbing the gel off while water was still running on top of my skin, very little of the gel came off–but managed to still keep the mark clean and disaster-free.

I was really amazed by these results!

The Down-Side(s):

I personally do not think there is anything negative about this product.  What I did find interesting is that when I was looking at the NYX Gel on the Target website, there was a very similar product called ELF Studio Cream Eyeliner with an almost exact packaging that had gained mixed reviews.  But I am more of a believer in “you get what you paid for”–unless it’s a “good deal”, affordable products with five-hearts results!  Then, get all the good deals!

Overall, I rate the NYX Gel: ♥♥♥♥♥

A 5 out of 5 hearts.

The eyeliner/smudger always delivered its amazing results.  Every.  Single.  Time.

I could always count on it when I need it, I could use it knowing that I’m going to have eyeliner still on after 5+ hours, and I could always proudly recommend it to people!

Have you tried NYX makeup products?

What other NYX products would you highly recommend?

Love, Yoko ♥


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