Restaurant Review: Ramen Ichiban ◥█̆̈◤࿉∥


Hello, everyone!

A friend of mine recently took me out to eat ramen at a local restaurant called Ramen Ichiban!  They specialize in mainly Japanese ramen, along with smaller dishes such as poke bowls and sushi.  When we both had arrived at the place, it was one of their more quiet hours but it was fine, because the restaurant is actually pretty small.

This is a visual display of not even half of the overall menu!


The walls were beautifully painted!  I love the vibrant and smooth colors!


For drinks, we asked for water while making our meal decision.

First Thoughts:

I love the coziness of the small space, but at the same time, I bet it can get pretty crowded during rush hours.  I was loving the murals, because I’m a lover of art and it really helped with giving off a bright, happy vibe to the place.  Personally, I thought it’d help if they were to show off all of the main Japanese ramen dishes on the display board above the cashier counter, but at least, there seems to be a good variety of images–enough to give you a good idea of what the restaurant has to offer.




The Up-Side(s):

The waitress was quick to give us our menus, our drinks, and then, our appetizers, shrimp and vegetable tempura.  She was friendly and always making sure that we were comfortable and happy.

The shrimp and vegetable tempura were really soft and crunchy!  I’ve had lots of tempura before, but I noticed that Ramen Ichiban really tried their best to give out a variety of vegetables when it came to the vegetable tempura pieces ranging from mushrooms, broccoli, sweet potato, to onion slices.  They were all very tasty.

When our ramen bowls were served to us, they were hot and freshly made~

It was my first time having Shio Ramen with Pork, but it was just the way I like my ramen and all of my noodle soups in general–light and rich in flavor.  I love the variety of vegetables found in the ramen: mung bean sprouts, green onion slices, corn, nori (not a vegetable but so good!), and bamboo slices.  I love eating vegetables and all the things they put in the ramen bowl!

Another thing I’ve noticed was that all of the ramen dish components were nicely arranged in the bowl.  I thought it was beautiful and that the overall image only made the dish look even more delicious and pleasing to the eye.

The pork slices were also soft and easy to chew!  The noodles were good as they were soft as well, and the broth was nearly perfect to my taste!

And best of all? HUGE ramen portions!

The Down-Side(s):

It would’ve helped us eat the tempura better if they had given us two more small sauce bowls for the sauce instead of two small plates.  I couldn’t stop thinking about that while I was trying to dip my tempura pieces (but failed miserably because…well…plates).

The Shio Ramen was a bit too salty, and there were only two pork slices in my dish.  One more slice wouldn’t hurt the overall ramen arrangement in the bowl but I digress.

Overall, I give Ramen Ichiban: ♥♥♥♥

A 4 out of 5 hearts.

Overall, I had a great experience at Ramen Ichiban!

The staff was friendly, hardworking, and always making an effort to make sure we were comfortable and satisfied.  The waitress at our table would come around while we were eating to check on us and refill our water as needed.  It’s still warm here in where I live, but the restaurant wasn’t hot or anything.

They really made up for the restaurant’s small size by having gorgeous, colorful murals painted all around the walls–representing and giving off the feel of Japan.  They also gave it a lot of thought also, because for a cozy ramen place, their tables are typically long, with about 4 seats on each side (8 seats per table in total), so they were expecting people to come in groups and quickly taking up space.  The tables are placed in both the far right and the far left sides of the restaurant–up close against the walls; yet, there’s plenty of space in between these two far sides if you get what I mean.  It’s more than enough space for the staff to come in and out with food and drinks while customers are passing by to use their restrooms.

And…the food!

Well, my friend and I enjoyed our ramen bowls, appetizers, and drinks!  There were just little things that the restaurant can easily make improvements to, but other than that, our meals were delicious and very filling!

 In fact, Ramen Ichiban were serving ramen bowls big enough for two people!  I couldn’t finish mine, and so, the waitress gave me a container to put my leftovers in.  She also poured my ramen and the toppings into the container herself–a task that I’m sure I would’ve failed in~ Good food, good customer service!

Have you ever eaten restaurant-made Japanese ramen?

If so, what’s your favorite ramen dish? (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Love, Yoko ♥


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