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How I Lost 10 kg (22 pounds)~

Photo Credit: Anton Dove

Hello, everyone~

If you had been keeping up with my weight loss goals & historyyou may have noticed that I have suddenly dropped more weight recently.

August 2015, 64 kg


Please NOTE that I am not a health professional.  I am simply giving out tips based on my personal experience.

So, here is the question:  How did I lose 10 kg (22 pounds)?

To answer that, I’d first have to you look up the Ideal/Healthy Height & Weight Chart.  Find your height, and you should also find the given healthy weight range for that height.  For safe weight loss, try to aim for that specific number range.

From my personal experience, I often hear or read about people jumping right into their weight loss journey, being at about 5’5″ or over and already assuming that they are “supposed” to be under 100 lbs, which is NOT at a normal weight range for their given height.  This leads to them being very underweight, because of their strive to be very, very skinny–which in turn causes them a variety of health problems.

After that, here’s what you have to do:

      1.  Download the My Fitness Pal phone app on your phone.

You would need to keep a food diary or have some sort of calorie-counting app that will help you keep track of the food and beverage items you eat/drink.  I find My Fitness Pal to be very helpful, flexible, and easy to follow, so I highly recommend this to everyone who’s just starting out with losing weight.

Science has proven that by keeping a food diary, you can lose weight 2x faster!

      2.  Start cutting down calories.

Yes, after punching in the numbers and physical activity level option in your My Fitness Pal app, you are given a specific cap of calories that you can consume for each day.  1200 calories is considered the minimum amount women should be eating at for their weight loss journey while for men, it is 1500 calories.  Make sure to eat at about your given specific number, with a deficit of 300 – 500 calories.

With the right number of deficit, you are increasing your chances of losing at about 0.45 kg (1 lb) or more per week.

This is also where choosing your food plays a very important role–as well as the importance of portion size.

For example, should you have ramen noodles for lunch (380 calories) or a 113 g (4 oz) chicken fillet, broiled (126 calories) with a side of cooked broccoli?

I always find it helpful to own a set of measuring cups & spoons to measure or weigh my food items.

      3.  Find any excuse to get up and exercise.

Say…you live next to a supermarket.  Instead of taking the car and driving to that place, why not walk?  Sure, it’ll take some time getting there, but walking about 10 – 30 minutes twice a day will eventually make a huge difference.  I mean, multiply the sum with 4 days if you tend to go there a lot during the week–and multiply that number with 4 weeks.  That’s how many times you might actually walk during the entire month!

Try to always make small changes: Maybe get up from using the computer to walk around for about a few minutes or more, take the stairs instead of the escalator, stand while feeding your baby instead of sitting, and etc.

Then, from there on, make bigger changes if you need to, such as signing up for a gym membership and going there at least twice a week or going for a morning jog everyday.

Heck, try using Pokemon GO! as an excuse to exercise and catch Pokemon!

      4.  Slowly start getting healthy food, and start slowly cutting out the unhealthy food.

My fiancee loves to drink soda.  So, when I started to change my bad health habits, I had to say ‘no’ to soda almost all the time now.

Before, I would maybe drink a few still when breaking my habits.  Then, slowly, I would drink a couple a day–then, a couple for every week–until I would drink one…for every month.

I also began buying up healthy food, and I’m not made of big money–but I would buy from the frozen aisle, maybe a few packs of frozen broccoli for about $4-5 and look for amazing chicken breast deals in the meat section.  I would also go to food banks because they usually give away vegetables or fruits.

      5.  Continue breaking down bad habits.

You have cut down calories, you have made more effort to exercise, and you even eliminated almost all of the unhealthy food/beverages.  Now what?

Look at your food diary entries on your Fitness Pal app.

See any other patterns?

How about check your Macro Nutrients?

For me, I first dropped 5 kg after making the small changes.  But it took me a bit of time to figure out my other bad habits–because I didn’t pay attention to the additional bad patterns I had with my meals.

For me, it wasn’t until I looked at my Macro Nutrients that I realized I was eating way too many carbohydrates–and in turn, made me gain weight.  So, I quickly switched to a low-carb/high protein diet.

Everyone is unique.  Everyone’s bodies are unique.

I am a carbohydrate-sensitive person.  My body doesn’t seem to handle carbs very well plus I was very inactive back then.  So, a low-carb diet worked perfectly for me.

Diet A may work for me, but that doesn’t mean Diet A is going to work for someone else.  While Diet B may work for you, Diet B may not even help me the same way it’s helped you.

To lose weight, it’s not just about 80% eating habits and 20% exercise–it’s also about finding the right balance, what works for you.

      6.  It’s all about trials and errors.   

First of all, eliminate the idea that this diet will only be a temporary thing.

To be feeling good and healthy for the long run, try to make this a life-long commitment.

Is eating junk food for 3 days straight–worth the extra weight gain?  Especially since you’ve worked so hard to keep it off for the last two weeks?  Sure, you might think it’s worth it because of the 30-minute delicious tastes–but what about your health goal and hard work?

And so, how do you find the perfect ‘diet’ for yourself?

It’s all about exploring all the trials and errors.

It sucks.  It’s a pain.

But you’ve overcome some of the hardest obstacles, so you can do it.

Just eat healthy, exercise daily, and see what works for you.

Do you need to eat more vegetables?  Do you think eating fish helps you better than eating lean red meats?  Maybe you just need to take longer morning walks or increase that workout routine’s intensity just by a notch.

REMEMBER that portion sizes and weighing/measuring your food is important.  Portion size is important, and staying just a little below your given daily calorie consumption number is important to losing weight, along with exercise.

      7.  It’s okay to have ONE cheat day.  Doesn’t mean every day is a cheat day.

A mistake that I’ve seen people make is that they would eat healthy for the whole day–hit the gym for a couple of hours–and then convince themselves that they can eat whatever they want…for the whole night.

Every day was a cheat day for them.

And yet, they always asked, “Why am I not losing weight?”

It’s important to remember that yes, you can have ONE cheat day–but always make sure to plan ahead on what you should do on the days leading up to that special day.

      8.  Make sure to weigh yourself every now and then.  But not everyday.

I weigh myself once a week or at the least, once for every 3 weeks.  I find that weighing myself once a week, every Saturday, helps me stay on track more and figure out quickly what I did wrong during that whole week.

      9.  Develop additional good nutrient habits.

Throw in some spices on your food, such as cumin, cinnamon, or black pepper!  Avoid consuming sodium/salt-heavy food as it can cause swelling or stomach bloating.

Research has also shown that adding spices can help you lose weight while making your meals delicious!

On top of that, try drinking a cup of tea or coffee every morning.  Studies have proven that they both include antioxidants, boost metabolism, and help with weight loss.

      10.  And last but not least…BE PATIENT.

Want to know one of the hardest parts?


And that means waiting for positive results.

When you wait for the whole week to slowly pass by…and you find out that you’ve dropped 0.9 kg (2 lbs)  on the day you weigh yourself?  Congratulations!

As long as you’re losing weight or losing the centimeters/inches around your waist–you are making progress even if it’s just a little bit at a time.

Don’t stop.  Keep going until you reach your healthy weight goal!

Love, Yoko ♥


2 thoughts on “How I Lost 10 kg (22 pounds)~

  1. This is a quality post! You are definitely on the right track and you look amazing. A lot of people don’t realise that health and fitness is not only about looking good in a bikini; it’s more than that. It is a lifestyle. I feel that once you can master the core values that will get you on track to living healthier, things sky rocket from there! Great post x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Melanie! I’m glad you like my post! I’ve definitely learned a lot about health and fitness over the past year, and yes, it’s a lot more than looking good in a bikini–it’s a lifestyle!

      Liked by 1 person

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