♡ Makeup Review: Jordana – Cat Eye Liner ♡


Hello, everyone!

 Some time ago, I went out with my fiancee to restock on makeup and we got this Jordana Cat Eye Liner, #04. Twilight (Blue), from a local supermarket.  Personally, I’ve never heard of the Jordana line before, but while we were in the supermarket, I was looking for a specific blue eyeliner–and this just happened to be the closest shade I needed, so we bought it.

First Thoughts:

The product’s appearance seemed cool to me, and when I say “cool”, it just seemed to give off a rocker-girl vibe.  And that speaks to me especially during the colder seasons, because that’s when I start going out in faux leather, black turtlenecks, and so on forth.

I love the black and blue color combination.  They contrast each other very well.  I also really liked the two contrasting fonts for “Cat Eye” and “Liner.”  Being a former Graphic Design student, I really felt a rather edgy vibe as well from the overall look.  This is something I can put on for a girls’ night out, an evening at the local bar, parties, and etc.

The Up-Side(s):

When I first tested out the eyeliner, I was surprised by the metallic color and the hints of glitter I could find (Luckily, it’s not too obvious!).  Maybe some people may prefer a matte finish, but this really matched the packaging’s message to their intended audience!  It seems fun, wild, and it just works!


Another thing is that the blue color…came out beautifully.  It was nearly flawless and deeply pigmented.  One or two brushstrokes is all it takes for the blue to show unless you want to thicken the line.

As for the application, it went pretty smoothly!  As I was putting on the eyeliner, I also noticed how light it felt, not thick or cakey at all.

The Down-Side(s):

It’s not waterproof–but it doesn’t smear…after you wait for the eyeliner to dry.  It doesn’t smear, but it does fade bit by bit if you keep rubbing on it.



After running water over the eyeliner, it stays for the most part.  But this makes it easier for the product to rub off also.

Personally, I think this is a great eyeliner product to own, because though it isn’t water resistant, reapplying it on every now and then during an event will be totally worth it.  It just takes a little work to make sure the eyeliner stays there.

Overall, I rate the Jordana Cat Eye Liner: ♥♥♥♥

A 4 out of 5 hearts.

I can’t get over how beautiful the metallic & glittering color comes out.  Every.  Single.  Time.

Sometimes, when I own something like this, I feel like it’s too pretty to use–and I will only save it for special occasions.

I can see myself recommending this to friends and loved ones though, because of how nice the product comes out to be, especially if they’re interested in colored eyeliner!

Everyone, this Jordana Cat Eye Liner…comes in 8 DIFFERENT COLORS!

If you go check out the brand website, they range from black to brown to purple to blue, green…and even gold!

And they all come in metallic with subtle hints of glitter!

Hopefully, you find this useful in your quest for color or expanding your makeup brand variation~  If you enjoyed reading this post, please “like” it!

And stay tuned for more blog updates!

Love, Yoko ♥


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