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My Weight Loss Journey So Far & How I Did It!


Hello, everyone!

If you remembered my previous post about how I had lost 10 kg (22 pounds) and kept up with my weight loss progress page, then, you may have wondered how I’ve been doing so far!  If not and you stumbled upon here because you are merely curious, then, you have come to the right place!  In this post, I will discuss my weight loss journey so far and how I have lost at around 17.7 kg (39 pounds)!

I am now getting close to reaching my weight goal, and I know that losing weight is only half of the battle!  Since the weight scale I’ve been using is no longer working, I have also resorted to estimates and body fat percentages!  Standing at 149 cm tall, I have estimated that I now weigh from around 46.7 kg to 47 kg.  Right now, I am maintaining my weight because of my broken metabolism–something that happens when you go on a calorie deficit diet for too long.  So, I am now at weight maintenance to fix my metabolism, trying to eat at around 1200 to 1400 calories daily.  It’s actually harder than I thought it was going to be, because I am so used to trying to eat weight-loss friendly food…and I do struggle, trying to eat at around that range, because I still get full before I can reach 1200 calories.

As of now, my body fat percentage is 20.9%!


But I’m still going!

How did I lose 18 kg?

  1. I always drink water.  I drink water before I go to sleep and after I wake up.  I also drink water when I feel thirsty, a feeling that can easily mistaken for hunger.  If the hungry feeling keeps going, then, yes, now I know it is hunger for real.
  2. I swapped some of my carbs with more protein!  This meant that I started eating less carbohydrates and more protein, along with vegetables.  (Huh… Now that I think of it… That was basically the majority of my new diet preferences.)  I tend to avoid processed food, rarely ate out, and always cooked my food from scratch.  My diet is mostly consisted of moderate amount of chicken and beef, vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, etc.), and sometimes, rice, fruit, peanut butter, and bits of shredded cheese.  I also cut down on dairy (which was easy because growing up in a traditional Asian household, we hardly drank milk or eat cheese) and a lot of gluten food.
  3. I eat within the first hour of waking up.  This easily worked for me because I always feel hungry after waking up, but if I wait too long (about 2 or more hours), I tend to find myself looking for “convenient” and unhealthy food or having the very idea of eating “whatever.”  I would usually cook something healthy and easy: leftover chicken with stir-fry vegetables or scrambled egg whites.
  4. I measure my food portions and estimate the weight of each measured portion.  My fiance and I have a set of measuring cups and spoons.  1 cup holds about 226 g or 8 oz. of food, 1/2 cup measures about 113 g or 4 oz, and so on forth.  But it would be much easier if you have a food weight scale for accuracy.
  5. I add spices to my food.  Did you know that cumin, black pepper, chili pepper, and other various spices can help with weight loss?  I try to avoid salt whenever possible, and I do this by adding the spices first–and then tasting it if it needs a little salt.
  6. I record everything I eat and drink in my food diary.  This is extremely important, because it helps you keep track of your given daily calories, helps you see what you have eaten or drank for each meal, and helps you stay on track.  Every drop of Heinz ketchup and every cut of butter counts toward the recommended daily amount of calories geared towards losing weight.
  7. I started off with 1 Cheat Day, usually at the end of the week (Saturday) and then, eventually, went down to 1 Cheat Meal on Saturdays.  But even so, I was still recording what I ate in my food diary and eat in moderation (Yes, I have a strong will!).  This prevents me from binging or giving up!  For some people, they don’t recommend this because people can get carried away by coming up with excuses like “Oh, but I can have another Cheat Day…one more Cheat Meal…and another and another…” until their diet just collapses into their old eating habits and giving up altogether.  I’ve seen this happen in real life, so always keep in check with yourself!!! Have a STRONG resolve!
  8. I drink coffee in the mornings and green tea in the evenings.  I always add two light shakes of cinnamon, and a small amount of sugar into my coffee in the morning.  For green tea, I always add a little bit of honey for sweetness and tend to drink 2 cups of green tea every evening.  I’m not sure if this routine helps, but I’ve developed these habits when I started my weight loss journey…and I’m doing something right, apparently.
  9. I would come up with excuses to move around.  I live in an apartment complex and I’ve made friends with surrounding neighbors through my fiance, so we’d walk outside multiple times in a week to meet them outsides, hang out, or go over to their apartment and visit.  So, you have to consider that some of them live upstairs, and you need to walk up the stairs or they live on the other side of the area, about a 3-5 minute walk.  I also live next to a supermarket, so I do much of my last-minute grocery shopping there.  This means walking from the apartment to the store, walking around inside the store, and walking back home.  In addition, I live about 8 blocks from a public library, and I walk to and from it every other week with books to carry.
  10. I would go to the gym from about 2 – 3 times a week.  I would start off with jumping jacks to get my heart pumping, do body stretches, high knee jogs, and so on forth.  Then, I would go on and do a set of exercises based on the results I want to see in myself: lean, no muscles.  About once a week, I would also lift weights.

I hope these tips help!

Love, Yoko ♥


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