Cosplay & History

In 2011, a while after I turned 18 years-old, I made a few friends who were trying their hand at cosplay.  They welcomed me into the group and well, introduced me to the whole process of sketching out the costume, making the outfit, buying the wig, and etc.

Later that spring, I attended and cosplayed at my first anime/comic convention, Fanime Con, in San Jose, CA.  It was there where I debuted as BB Hood from Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

BB Hood
Photo Credit: Rave 2 the J Photography

I had borrowed a blonde wig from a friend at the time, bought a cheap toy gun from a dollar store, helped cut out the pattern for the apron and red hood/cape, had my father sew together the apron and red hood/cape (He was a tailor back in his younger days), and etc.  The costume finally came together after some time.

It was supposed to be just a “one-time thing.”

Photo credit: Rave 2 the J Photography

But then…I met other cosplayers who were really nice and generous towards me, a lot of con attendees complimented my cosplay, people took pictures of me, and well…everyone was just one huge, huge family at the con.

takuya fujikawa
Photo Credit to Takuya Fujikawa

I guess you can say…I fell in love with the entire scene.  With the community.

blizzardterrak photography
Photo Credit: BlizzardTerrak Photography
f.k. digital designs
Photo Credit to F.K. Digital Designs

At the time, I was really cautious with showing people my geek side.  The little fan girl inside of me who loves to read manga, watch anime, play video games, and talking about her favorite fandoms.

blizzardterrak photography
Photo Credit to BlizzardTerrak Photography

For the most part, throughout my entire life up until that weekend, I was afraid of people finding out about my geeky self–because I was already bullied bad enough from elementary and into high school.  College was supposed to be different–but you can never be too careful, you know?

alex halcyon
Photo Credit: Alex Halcyon.

But cosplay allowed me to finally feel accepted.

Cosplay introduced me to friends, makeup, health & fitness, and self-confidence.

Photo Credit: Ariestarling

Cosplay changed my life–for the better.

And I’m hooked on it.

♰ August 2011: Ani-Jam Convention, Fresno, CA

♰ January 2012: SacAnime (Winter) Convention, Sacramento, CA

May 2012: Fanime Con, San Jose, CA

♰ August 2012: Ani-Jam Convention, Fresno, CA

♰ September 2012: SacAnime (Summer), Sacramento, CA

♰ January 2013: SacAnime (Winter), Sacramento, CA

♰ May 2013: Fanime Con, San Jose, CA

♰ July 2013: Anime Expo, Los Angeles, CA

♰ August 2013: Ani-Jam Convention, Fresno, CA

♰ September 2013: SacAnime (Summer), Sacramento, CA

♰ November 2013: Anime Vegas, Las Vegas, NV

♰ January 2014: SacAnime (Winter), Sacramento, CA

♰ January 2015: SacAnime (Winter), Sacramento, CA

♰ August 2015: SacAnime (Summer), Sacramento, CA

May 2016: Fanime Con, San Jose, CA

♰ January 2017: PENDING-SacAnime (Winter), Sacramento, CA

In 2013, a few years into cosplaying, I decided to make a cosplay page for my cosplays even though I don’t consider myself as popular as my other friends, half of whom got sponsored by companies such as Crunchyroll.

Five years flew by me so fast, and I went from slowly hand sewing with a thread and needle–into a person who could now say that “Yes, I made that elaborate wedding ballgown with roses and laces!”♥♥♥